Belleville's Premier Preschool and Childcare Center

Serving Children 15 months - 12 years

What Makes Us Different?

The mission of the staff at
St. Henry Creative Learning Center
is to provide quality affordable child care services to all parents in the community by the operation of an affordable Christian-based childcare program. We provide a home away from home, a loving family atmosphere to help each child grow physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Preparing children for kindergarten is our business.  Our pre-school/ pre-kindergarten program has received high marks from teachers in area school for many years.  
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Special Events / Important Dates

Friday, June 4 – National Donut Day: YUM! Donuts for snack today!

Monday, June 7 – Friday, June 11 – All About Art Week: This week the children will be involved in all kinds of creative fun art projects. Maybe even some outdoor art!!

Wednesday, June 16 – Birthday Party Day: During the summer in addition to party games and cake for snack well will also have WATER PLAY on this day during outside play time. One these days we ask that you send your child to school in clothes and shoes you don’t mind them getter wet in and be sure that they have extra clothes to change into afterwards. No swimwear needed; we will not be using pools this year! Water play may include water balloons, sprinklers, and other water spraying toys.

Monday, June 21 – Friday, June 25 – Summer Olympics Week: In honors of the Summer Olympics being back on this year we thought why not put our own spin on the Olympics right here at St. Henry. The classrooms will hold their own events and activities during this week and award medals to the children.

Thursday, June 24 – National Bomb Pop Day: What better way to cool off during our Summer Olympics week than with a nice cold Bomb Pop.

Monday, July 5 – FOUTH OF JULY WEEKEND: Just a heads up we will be CLOSED on this day!


  • With summer comes the hot sun and OUCH! potential sun burn. If you know your child gets sun burn easily and would like sunscreen to be put on them you must send your brand of choice to school with their name written on it and it will remain it their lockers. Same would apply for bug spray.
  • For your child's safety, we strongly encourage your child to wear tennis shoes to school. They are the most appropriate shoes for outside activities. In the event that your child does not wear tennis shoes to school, playing on the playground equipment will NOT be allowed.

    Pictures of all staff will be updated in the next week. You will get to see all the amazing people who care for your children.

Comming Soon

Tj Pizza Fund Rasier staring July 1, 2021. Click here to see the flyer!

Did you know that our school recycles?

It's true! We do! We recycle newspapers, magazines, soda cans,

cell phones and ink cartridges from printers.

To recycle newspapers and cans the bins are located on our lower playground.

To recycle ink cartridges and cell phones the boxes are located across from the office.




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God leads us to:

Share what we know, Help us to grow,

 Model Christ's Love...

With help from above!




Hours of Service

7 am to 5 pm
Monday Thru Friday Due to Covid-19

Contact Us

Call 234-6061
Ask for Judy Shovlin or Clarissa Lewis


5303 West Main Street
Belleville, IL 62226


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Child's preschool drawing - "Our home away from home"