Daily Twiddlebug News

February 4 Newa


The children played and today they shared the drum.  They drummed together and then took turns.  We had chocolate pudding for morning snack. It was fun to eat and we got our faces messy.  We had music playing while we played and we could try to sing along or dance if we felt like it. The best lunch EVER: Mac and Cheese! After nap we will play some more. 


February 6,2019

We had a fun day of playing, singing, and dancing.  We then went into the hall and did an obsticle coarse.  We had to walk on a balance beam , go down a big slide, crawal through a tunnel. They loved the tunnel!  After nap we celebratwd the February birthdays with a cookie cake. Have a great weekend!  


February 12,2019   

We had a good of playing sing and dancing.  We learned to sing and dance and have fun with music.  We learned about in and out and push and pull.  We went down for our nap after a niice lunch.  We got to play in the Cookie Monster room after snack.

March 4, 2019

Hope everyone had a great weekend even with the snow and cold tempatures. We got a neat new airplane riding toy.  The propellar goes and it makews airplane sounds.  We had a great day learning new songs such as Baby Shark.  We had good snacks and lunch and took refreshing naps.  

March 5,2019

This morning we had our Madi Grau Parade. We marchedn down the hal and went through each classroom picking up students.  we continued to march in and out of classrooms.  We went back to our room and played till lunchtime.  We are eagerly waiting for warm dry weather so we can go out and PLAY   

March 11,2019

We had  a great day following the time change.  Everyone was in a good mood.  After snack we went outside and played.  We only stayed out 30 minutes because it was cold.  We played in the room and read stories till lunchtime.  After lunch we went down for a nap.  After snack we are back outside having a great time of running, running, and running!

March 13, 2019    

We had an AWESOME day today!  We got to go outside this morning and play.  It was nice getting out of the classroom!  We came in and played ,sang, read stories, and laughed.  We had pizza for lunch and everyohne was happy.  Naptime came and everyone was tired fron the fresh air. After nap we had Birthday Party for March birthdays.  Cake was our snack with milk and then we went outside again. Just an Awesome Day!     


March 18,2019


We had a great Monday!   We played in the classroom. We then went outside and had an even better time.  We read stories as we waited for lunch.  We had chicken nuggets, creamed corn, pears and bread.  It was good.  We got ready for nap and we were tired from the fresh air.  We had a snack and went outside again.