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Shape: Octagon   Color: Green

Counts Class

Ms. Clarissa and Ms. Mag

Week: March 18th - 22nd

Letter of the Week: Q q

Q is for Quilt

...and Q-Tips and Quarters and Question Mark

Theme of the Week: Spring Things

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What we are Learning


Each month we focus on one color and one shape. For this month our color is GREEN and our shape is OCTAGON.

--"I Spy" is a great game to play with your child to help to work on identifing these things.

-- Also an activity that we do at school is searching for our focus letter in books so they are seeing the letter in different fonts and sizes.

Things to Review/ Work on


Letter: M, D, F, A, H, T, N, P, B, G, S, E, J, W, R, I, L, V, C, K, O, Q

Letters in their own name/ Spelling their name


Special Events




--Letter Oo show and tell Friday March 15th!

-- Wear green to school this Friday Mar. 15th for our CLC St. Patick's Day Party!

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