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Welcome to the Count Room!!


Week of July 19th - 23rd

*Theme of the Week: Transportation*

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Online educational supports: some are printable sheet sites and some online games

- PBSkids

- Experiencing America: A Smithsonian Tour through American History

- National Geograhic Kids

- Colorations educational craft ideas

- Steve Spangle Science experiments you can do at home

- A Children's Guide to Folklore and Wonder Tales

- Really Good Stuff student activity printables 

- Kidomi digital education appropriate for children

- ABCmouse


What we are Learning 

During the school year each month we focus on one color and one shape. We also have one focus letter each week.

For the summer months we will be reviewing our colors and shapes.

--"I Spy" is a great game to play with your child to help to work on identifing these things.

-- Also an activity that we do at school is searching for our focus letter in books so they are seeing the letter in different fonts and sizes.

Things to Review/ Work on


Rhymes to Remember:

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

"The Queen of Hearts"

"Jack and Jill"

"Jack be Nimble"

"Humpty Dumpty"

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

"Old King Cole"

"The Three Little Kittens"

"Little Miss Muffett"

"Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary"

Language Topics: Rhyming words, opposites,

Letters: M, F, D, A, T, H, N, P, B, G, S, E, W, R, I, L, V, C, K, O, Q, Y, U, X, J, Z (all letters)

Math Topics: More and less, comparing sizes,

Numbers: 0 - 20 and beyond

Letters in their own name/ Spelling their name


Tracing and free writing their name

Special Events/Reminders


Tjs Pizza sells are ON!!! All money and forms are due Friday, July 16th.

Classroom Needs:

Stay Safe and Stay healthy!