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Color: Purple Shape: (review)

Counts Class

Week May 14th - 18th

Theme: Jungle 

We have made it through ALL the letters!!

Time to review


Preparing for our Jungle Surfari


(see Facebook for more photos of this week)


What we are Learning


The color for the month of May is purple.

The shape of the month is (review).

--"I Spy" is a great game to play with your child to help to work on identifing these things.

-- Also an activity that we do at school is searching for our focus letter in books so they are seeing the letter in different fonts and sizes.

Things to Review/ Work on


Letters in their own name/ Spelling their name

Letters: D, M, A, F, H, T, N, P, B, G, E, S, J, W, R, I, L, V, C, K, O, Q, Y, U, Z, X (all letters)


Special Events




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