Daily Pre-K (Sunshine) News

Pre K

September 21,  2018

Mrs. Mary

Today we had Spanish Class.

In Spanish we are learning how to say the days of the week in Spanish. We also were counting to 10 in Spanish.


Today I introduced the computers to the children. The children had time to play Dora and Jump Start Kindergarten.

Indoor play today because of the weather.


Tomorrow is the first day of Fall!








What we are Learning

The letter D and Friends.

Special Events & Reminders!!!



Special Pre-K information:

Today the Pre-K class started to eat lunch in the breakfast room!!!!!

We will be eating lunch in there everyday!

Corduroy is coming!!!!

Corduroy is a teddy bear that will be sent home to someone on Friday. Your child and Corduroy can have an adventure together and then you can write it down in his book. Thanks and I hope you enjoy Corduroy!