The same theme is used in each age group.  The materials used are age appropriate.

  SEPTEMBER                                                          JUNE

 I Am Special                                                        Literacy Month
 My Family                                                           Fantasy Books
 My Friend
 My Neighborhood

 OCTOBER                                                             JULY

 Harvest Happenings                                            Nutrition Month
 Fall on the Farm                                                 Vegetables
 Community Helpers & Fire Prevention Week        Fruits
 Pumpkins                                                            Grains
 Halloween & Fairy Tales                                     Dairy

 NOVEMBER                                                          AUGUST

 Native Americans & Pilgrims                               Science
 Thanksgiving                                                       Hobbies
 Healthy Foods


 Sights & Sounds of the Holidays
 Smells & Tastes of the Holidays
 Fun Week
 Fun Week


  Fun Week
 Winter Wear
 Snow, Snowflakes & Ice
 Winter Animals ( Polar Bear, Seals & Penguins)
 Teddy Bears


 Healthy Habits
 Be My Valentine
 We Love America
 Dr. Seuss Week


 March Winds
 Birds & Butterflies
 Spring Things & Easter


 Tadpoles & Frogs
 Shades of Spring
 Week of the Young Child
 Baby Animals
 Gardens & Picnics


 Magical Moms
 Zoo Animals
 Bug Week
 Wacky Week

  The summer months are planned in February..






This is what some of the parents  have to say about the Creative Learning Center!



  “You have become our extended family.”



 “In August 2005, my husband and I were looking for pre-school for our soon to be
3 year old son.  We were led to St.Henry by a co-worker.  After visiting several different
schools, we ultimately chose St. Henry's.  We have been attending St. Henry's in some
capacity ever since."



 “Clean, spacious, colorful classrooms with tons of age appropriate toys and structures.”



" In July 2007 our daughter started attending St. Henry's.  The toddler program was
wonderful.  She was 15 months old when she started at St. Henry's.  We have really
watched her blossom during her time with St. Henry.  She started as a quiet, shy child
and has developed into a confident 4 year old child.  She will leave St. Henry's in the
fall to attend Kindergarten."


 “His behavior and fine motor skills have improved dramatically.”



"St. Henry's summer program is another great program that our son enjoys attending
each summer.  They get to do many activities and take many field trips.  He also gets
to catch up with all of his former pre-school teachers."