CLC The Sunshine Room

The "Sunshine" Room


(Preparing for Kindergarten)
( 4 years to 5 years)


The daily program contains a complete preschool program with both teacher directed activities and free choice activities.

The children get time to strengthen their large muscle and small muscle development through indoor and outdoor play.

We feel that academics play a large part in your child's development, we think that a learning environment rich in learning opportunities can inspire the imagination and build memories to last a lifetime.

The children will participate in Art, Math, Language, Literacy, Science, and Social Studies activities during their daily routine.  See curriculum.


       Nabi Tablets an added learning tool for Pre K students!


Nabi Tablets are hand held tablets that the Pre-k children can use in class to learn math, reading, writing and literacy by playing games. The teacher can monitor the child’s progress through a tracking system. The tablets will be used in a small group everyday to teach math, reading, writing and literacy.

The Nabi Tablets have a 7” touch screen, webcam, WiFi, Blue tooth, 8GB of memory, and have Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system