May Newsletter 2021

St. Henry Creative Learning Center

May 2021 Newsletter


May Birthdays

Happy Birthday to:

*Ms. Nicole May 9 (Sunshine Class)*

*Rowdy May 7 (Count Class)*

*David May 15 (Count Class)*

*Hayden May 23 (Sunshine Class)*

Birthday Party Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, May 12. The children will celebrate with special activities in their classroom and have birthday cake for afternoon snack.


Special Events / Important Dates

Friday, May 8 Purple Day: Purple is the color of the month for May so on this day please wear something Purple.

Wednesday, May 12 – May Birthday Party Day – Its Zoo Week so let out your WILD SIDE and wear your favorite animal inspired outfit to school. Have fun and get creative if you would like.

Friday, May 21 – Progress Reports go home

Monday,  May 31- Closed for Memorial Day


  • We are making our way through Spring with Summer quickly approaching. With that comes the hot sun and OUCH! potential sun burn. If you know your child gets sun burn easily and would like sunscreen to be put on them you must send your brand of choice to school with their name written on it and it will remain it their lockers. Same would apply for bug spray.




Well time flies when you are having fun so each classroom wanted to share a highlight of April!

Cookie Monsters

  • “The Cookie Monsters had an exciting week of celebrating the young child. Each day they talked about their fun outfits, hats, and sock. They had a lot to say! This month, they learned how to play “red light, green light” and musical chairs.”


  • “April was full of a lot of crazy and fun adventures. The most unexpected was the sudden snow fall mid-April. We had a blast catching snowflakes on our tongues and saying this crazy (we decided January snowflakes tasted better).”


  • “This April, the Sunshine class celebrated Easter by dyeing plastic eggs and participating in an Easter egg hunt. We also learned about Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday and talked about how Jesus fixes our hearts.”