Our Childcare Services: Committed to Excellence

St Henry Creative Learning Child Care Center and Pre-School

Founded in 1980, the St Henry Creative Learning Center met the desperate needs of parishioners and staff of St. Henry Parish and Althoff Catholic High School to find quality care for their children and provide them with advantages in the area of educational and social development.

Preschool children in group learning activityRecognizing that the establishment of a strong relationship between the staff and the parents is essential, an extensive effort is made to communicate with the parents about the child's daily activities and major milestones.  The communication permits the student to understand and respond to any unique need.  The staff member is there to assure the child's separation from the parent occurs with the least amount of stress to the child and the parents.  There is a staff member in constant contact with the child from the moment he arrives until  the parent arrives at the end of the day.  The parent can expect either written or verbal discussion about the child's day.The compassionate behavior of the staff members permits a strong bond to be created with the children.  This is enabled by the maintence of small class sizes.

The entrance to the facility is controlled by a security system which insures that entry is limited to parents and only persons known to the staff.

Care is taken to insure that the catered meals and snacks are consistent with the needs of the children.  Federal and State guidelines are followed by caterers and the center.

Special menu's are provided for children with special needs.

An open house, and other events are conducted frequently to permit parents to know their child's teacher.  Every effort is made for the parents to learn about their child's care and to meet other parents.

Pre-school children performing a fire drill with the Belleville Fire Department.Belleville Fire Department teaches a young child about the rigors of firefighting.The children participate in regular fire drills and the drills are timed once a year by the Belleville Fire Department.  The facility follows all safety rules required for schools.



Parents are encourged to arrange for a tour of the facility.



Entrance to our childcare center


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